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The new mentoring concept, part of an RWTH-wide campaign "Students in Focus": Excellent Teaching and Learning , has been implemented to further improve study conditions by offering all students individual support, advice and counselling (including PhD-students). It thereby complements the services offered by academic and study advisors and the students' council.

The mentoring program's dedicated aim is to support you in realising, developing and fully unfolding your individual potential - by offering you:

Information - as a personal point of contact and source of information regarding i.a. your course of study in general, living in Aachen, grants, stipends and further programs and services for students.

Counsel and support - e.g. in case of encumbrances affecting the course of your studies, if you seek support regarding time-, learning- or stress management, in case of conflicts or if you simply would like to get a neutral feedback regarding a matter of personal concern.

Advice and coaching - when applying for grants, funding programmes or internships (inside and outside RWTH University), networking, job applications, studying and/or pursuing an academic career while raising a child and how to effectively reach your personal goals and objectives.

Wether you are a first-year student, a graduate or attending an advanced course of study - mentoring means information, feedback and support regarding your course of study, your personal career plans or in case of hardship. Furthermore, all communications are subject to strict professional discretion. To ensure unbiased advice and counsel I do not take part in regular teaching activities and do not conduct exams.

If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from mentoring, receive general or specific information or if you are seeking advice, support or counsel please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone to make an appointment or just drop by during consultation hours.

Best regards,

Timur Khan Toygar, M.A.

Fachgruppe Biologie

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